Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Yeah, we toured and stuff

OMGYOUGUYS. We left the pool today. Fuelled by the guilt of the lazy, we decided to go Culture ourselves, and we did it in the most efficient way possible: the hop-on hop-off bus. Two hours of straight Guadi fun times.

We're on a bus!

I couldn't get the whole ginormous thing in one photo so I made two pano's. So now it's both monstrous AND distorted. Like a pro do.

Also got to see many sexy gothic balconies. 

We also switched hotels today! Important to try all the pools in the city, after all.

AND GET THIS: turns out we didn’t even need to do the Gaudi tour, because our room has a terrace with THIS VIEW:

Terrific, isn’t it?? The stuff of nightmares.

And last but not least – we ate some tasty tasty food today, at both a pulperia (where I ordered the wrong octopus - pulpitos instead of Galician - and Lyndsey was not impressed) and at the food market, Mercat La Boqueria.

Not impressed at ALL.

Now we’re relaxing on the hotel’s roof terrace, enjoying the setting sun before grabbing a light dinner. Tomorrow’s plan: THE BEACH.

See you then!

Big hugs,

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