Tuesday, July 18, 2017

I'll never look at bacon the same way again

OMGYOUGUYS. You know what our plans are today? ABSOLUTELY FRIGGIN' NOTHING. We're going to read! We're going to splash in our lil pool! We're going to lie around gaining weight! Which brings me to breakfast: today's trigger warning is brought to you by the letter pork.

When we were at the market on Sunday, we were looking for bacon at one of the butcher's stalls and saw the above. It *looked* like bacon, and the guy said it was pig when we asked (if there's one French word we know, it's porc), so we decided to give it a go.

Then we get it home, and I go to peel a slice off to cook it. Except THERE IS NO SLICE. THERE IS SLAB. Three slabs, specifically, this thick:

I'll give you a moment.

We googled the name written on the package - ventreche - and it turns out we have bought a cut of meat that's a cross between SMOKED PORK BELLY and PANCETTA. 

I'll give you another moment.

I've got another slab waiting for breakfast and I am going to do all sorts of filthy things to it.*

See you tomorrow! On the agenda is a trip to the garden shop (to find weapons that will help me in my ongoing battle out back) and the Bergerac market. 

Big hugs,

*Namely, stuff it into a croissant with eggs

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