Saturday, July 15, 2017

France, the Road Trip

We’re in the home stretch! Less than three hours until we get to French Home. The weather has been scorching in our absence, so we hope it’s hot and stuffy when we arrive, as we fling open the windows to let the mosquitos in. I feel sticky enough from the eight hours I’ve spent in the car so far; a cold shower is on the evening’s agenda.

After we unpack the car, that is. This is only the second time we’ve driven down since getting this place (the first was with a moving van, a very different drama) and we’ve filled our car with overflow from London – charity shop books, a spare bin, a mop bucket, an art print we want to swap out, etc. – and we hope to get a case or two of barrel juice to bring back.

Without further ado: random pics from the road.

Our road trip snacks, or 'Human Dreamies,' as I like to call them

Spot the Tour de Eiffel! 

The drive gets good when the hills show up.

And the hay bales

Obligatory Random Church

You can tell the Tour de France just went through the Dordogne because the closest town to us has been recently bedazzled. I hope EVERY village on the route has dressed like a fancy escort because then we have got a treat ahead. 

We finally made it home - hence being able to post this - and just as we were wrapping up the unpacking, the prettiest kitty came by to say hi. Just LOOK at it: 
There is definitely room for her in our car. 

We had a brief wifi scare when we first got in: as in, it wasn't working. You can imagine my consternation at the thought I may have to read my BOOK this entire holiday, or use the record player to listen to MUSIC. We don't have mobile signal in the house, either, so there was a brief moment when I saw myself climbing a nearby hill every day to blog post using my phone. And not being able to speak French means we can't call the service provider to fix it. In desperation, I ended up hacking through three feet of cobwebs to get to the power source (this house turns into Sleeping Beauty's castle when we're away, except cobwebs instead of thorns - all initial entry is advised wielding a machete) - and after unplugging everything, got it back on. SO WE'RE GONNA BE OKAY. 

Time for that shower and an early bed - we have a full day ahead! Sunday is market day and we need to load up for the week. We also have to assemble a - *hangs head in embarrassment* - paddling pool. Because we classy. (The mayor is going to hate us.)

Big hugs, and I hope you're having a great weekend!

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