Thursday, July 20, 2017

All the things, none of the things

OMGYOUGUYS. So much to blog and far too little wifi in the middle of nowhere, which is where I have found a hot second of 3G in which to mobile-post this. When I am back properly, I have got the following:

* The marche gourmand from last night, which was far more than we expected, on a variety of levels

* A morning spent on a truffle farm, learning how to spot truffles in the wild (hint: grab a dog), and how to spot imposters on a menu (hint: learn Latin)

* A beautiful meal at our favourite restaurant in the region, a Michelin-starred, garden-dining delight, from which I currently post:

Them's the tables under the trees ^ 

After this we are on our way to a village that Alan read is ‘one of the most scenic villages in France’ (I must confess I am skeptical, who even MAKES these lists) and a twilight visit to a formal garden that candlelights their paths on Thursday evenings while live music jazzes from various terraces. I am pretty sure it's gonna be Too Much.

Until tomorrow,

Big hugs,

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