Monday, July 31, 2017


OMGYOUGUYS it's the last day of MyBloWriMo and I think it's safe to say I'LL NEVER DO ANOTHER ONE AGAIN. I mean, I posted CLOUDS yesterday. Your patience is saintly.

I have had the maddest, most productive day. It consisted of more laundry - of course, no post would be complete without - but also So Much Unpacking and also So Many Emails and also A Very Exciting Business Meeting in which Important Businessy Things Were Discussed. Opportunities abound, things are afoot, shenanigans are on the horizon.

We have no food in the house. Except for pate and foie gras, because I had it in my head that I Can't Live Without These Things and brought over jars of the stuff. I'm sure I'll appreciate this when it's not a million degrees outside but right now all I want is some kind of meat on a bbq. This is not a helpful craving when I'm trying to work on my online grocery order and find myself adding ten packages of sausages to my cart. MUST. BALANCE. DIET. At the very least add some greens that I can let get wet and moldy in my fridge before throwing them away in a week.

I do have a punnet of British blackberries in my tote. I impulse-bought them when picking up some eggs at Tesco Metro and they cost a million dollars and I don't know what I was thinking since the only way I like blackberries is in a crumble and I'm not likely to turn on the oven for dessert.

It has been an exciting* month and I thank you for tuning in. It was a lot of nonsense and my heart can't contain my gratitude for you reading. 

Big hugs and lots of love,

*Was July three months long or is that just me?  

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