Monday, July 17, 2017

Nothing but flower talk here; come on in!

You know what this? A photo of some random, unknown flowers growing in our back garden so that the thumbnail photo for this post is not a septic tank. YOU'RE WELCOME, YOUGUYS.

Now let's look at a septic tank!

I know we're paying to you to open that, but now I would like to pay you NOT to open that.

Uh. That can't be right. 


The drive was soaking wet by the time he finished. I prefer not to think about how or why, especially not when I have better things to do, like pour bleach all over my shoes and set them on fire.

The best part was when he backed this massive truck down the lane and one of the little old man neighbours came out to watch. This is exciting stuff around here.

I have to say, the whole experience wasn't nearly as traumatising as I expected. It helped that the whole thing was brilliantly organised by My Super Fluent Friend Claire, whose grasp of French poop words is really unsurpassable. She now knows more about our septic system than we do, which is why we're going to have to will her our house. Apparently that's some French law? Claire knows everything.

It all happened surprisingly fast: the scheduled tech showed up in the morning, right on time, pried off the concrete manhole - for lack of a better word - cover from the tank, stuck that huge hose in, and half an hour later, was handing us an invoice to sign. He indicated we'd need to put more concrete back on top around the edge to seal it, otherwise it will - he eloquently communicated - * hold nose, fan air * So stay tuned for another episode of Country Life Adventures, when Al attempts his first concrete job! 

Because we were so on fire today, I built the paddling pool! (This was meant to be done yesterday but the yard work took us longer than expected. I never appreciate our London astroturf more than when I'm weed-whacking nettles up to my waist and sawing down shrubs that are constantly threatening a violent and hostile take-over. Why does anyone have a garden?! Nature wants to KILL you!) 

I digress. Pool building! I did it all myself because Alan was busy inside on a 'call' or something, one that lasted suspiciously as long as it took me to put this together: 

When I first saw how many poles there were, my thought was to discard the idea entirely and play croquet with the mallets they provided. What even IS this??

It turns out putting up a pool is JUST LIKE putting up a tent, another task I don't enjoy. But once I figured it out, WHOOOOP, it came up as easily as a tank full of human feces. 

Isn't it sweet? We only filled it knee-high because we just want enough water to sit in and read. We got it up in the nick of time, too - it got to 95 today and we were as hot as a pair of rotisserie chickens (there's a theme to this holiday). You just know that now we've got it up it's going to rain tomorrow.

I hope you've had nice days, and see you tomorrow!

Big hugs,

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