Monday, July 3, 2017

Barca, baby!

And we've made it! I am currently posting from this fine location:

Spot Lyndsey!

The trip here was not without its drama, though - our adventure started with an hour on the tarmac of Gatwick because of some RIDICULOUS DRONE goofing off in their airspace. They kept closing the runway and then reopening it and then closing it again. It was so thrilling it even got front page news

Luckily our pilot was a straight baller and tore it up when we got airborne so we only landed about fifteen minutes behind schedule. Then we head to the hotel. It's late, maybe 11 p.m., and we're sleepy but feeling good because everything is going so well. We had found the airport bus easily, caught it within a minute of leaving the terminal, and it went straight to the door of our accommodation. Everything was so seamless we were becoming paranoid. SOMETHING had to go wrong. And our suspicions were rewarded: the Universe chose that moment to step in. 

When we got to the hotel, a Remarkably Pleasant Woman at reception gave us the key to our room and a voucher for complimentary welcome champagne. Thank you, Remarkably Pleasant Woman! We are having a perfect night, and you have just made it even nicer! 

Then we get to our room. When we opened the door, we were hit by a wave of smell that could knock out an elephant. Rank backed-up wastewater exuding an odour so strong we physically recoiled. The entire room smelled like a swamp that large animals might use to defecate in. 

We called down to reception to find out WHAT ON EARTH WAS HAPPENING HERE and ARE WE BEING POISONED and a new receptionist answered. 'Oh, yes, 407 has this problem. Do you want to change rooms?' OF COURSE WE WANT TO CHANGE ROOMS WHY WOULD YOU EVEN GIVE THIS HURL SPACE TO SOMEONE OUTSIDE OF A MEANS OF PUNISHMENT?

So we switched rooms and the new one - even though it was just across the hall - was lovely, with gorgeous french doors overlooking the courtyard and the pool and - most importantly - NO IN-ROOM SEWER. We were thrilled at the upgrade. It was all going to be okay, despite the best efforts of RPW. (Still can't believe she gave us that room. We were shaking our heads all the way through our free glasses of bubbly.)

We've got quite a packed itinerary today: we're going to lounge a bit, then eat a bit, then lounge some more, and maybe go out and look at something before eating again. Barcelona is already terrific.

Big hugs,

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