Saturday, July 1, 2017

A birthday party, family, and festival fun times

Youguys, we are already having the best Saturday. The day started with a morning birthday party, which I was just thrilled by. Why don't more people have parties this time of day? It's just CIVILISED.

Us. Being civilised.

Our niece Lyndsey is due on the train any minute from Edinburgh and as soon as she gets here, we'll be taking her on a variety of exciting activities, up to and including: a trip to the post office, a visit to the green grocer, and a jaunt into Tesco Metro. Because it's important we show her how awesome London is. Continuing the theme, the plan for the evening is to hit a local beer festival (for charity, of course, otherwise we'd be at Mass) where we will enjoy some sensible shenanigans and a messy meal at an hour when the only choices will be kebabs or pizza that will jack us for days. She's gonna LOVE it.

OMG SHE JUST ARRIVED I GOTTA GO. Let the games begin!

Big hugs and lots of love,

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