Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Sweet nothing Tuesday

Youguys know what we did today? We slept in til ten (TEN! Previous to this I was waking at the 7 a.m. bells so this was thrilling), then I took a bath, then we read our books, then we napped, then we ate pasta, and then we went out to the garden and read our books and napped some more. Next up we're eating a pizza and watching a movie.

Needless to say, this is all very photogenic activity. In lieu of actual content, I will share photos of last Saturday in Sarlot and the drive through Cahors.

They have a market! Of course. Iz France. Theirs is Wednesday and Saturday and I'm telling you because this blog is my brain-dump and this is a thing I will forget.

I could easily imagine intrigues involving monks and dark alleys here.

More market! V touristy, natch, but they have EVERYthing.

My favourite part was my lunchtime tagliatelle, that came with duck gizzard, smoked duck breast, and foie gras. NAILED IT YOUGUYS. Did I mention the obsession with duck around here? IT'S DUCKTOWN DORDOGNE

Drove around, saw more more windy river

It was a nice day. Would do again, 9/10

Remember that chip on our tire's sidewall? Took it to the tire guy and he looked at it and indicated - with hand-flapping and that ppbbbt sound that they must teach all French males - that it was fine, we wouldn't die. We drove off in some trepidation and just got a second opinion from our mate Phil who said FIX IT OR IT'LL BURST TURNING A CORNER. So that's excellent. Thank God we didn't just spend all weekend driving hours around the French countryside. Woooooo! Livin' recklessly!

Alright, time to put the pizza in! More tomorrow, when we try to convince a different tire place to take our money, go to a brocante, and quite possibly hit some barrel juiceries to stock up for London.

Big hugs,

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