Saturday, July 29, 2017

Cleaning and sleeping and . . . that's basically it.

Since we have last 'talked,' I have done the following:

- Slept. This was the majority of it. I had a dream that I went to a festival with my sister and nieces and they thought it was funny to lose me so I couldn't find the tent at the end of the night but little did they know I have abandonment issues and I LOST MY BLOODY MIND and threw my sister's toothbrush in the dirt when I finally found them. It was excellent (sorry, sissy).

- Scrubbed the toilets, wiped the windowsills, swept the cellar, brought in the outdoor furniture. Wolf hoovered, a strange and unanticipated skillset he has. Man is THOROUGH.

- Ate breakfast, drank some Cantillon apricot juice, wished I had some more Cantillon apricot juice.

Current status: settling in with our books and about to enjoy the last day in our garden. Tomorrow's the big drive back!

See you from the road!

Big hugs,

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