Saturday, January 26, 2019

Day 26: we gondola

I mean, we HAVE to. It's VENICE. Who cares if it's The Most Touristy Thing a Person Can Do and it costs an arm and a leg and your gondolier will be on WhatsApp the entire time? YOU'RE IN A BOAT THAT LOOKS LIKE AN ELFIN SHOE.

What's not to like?? 

Our gondolier was this charming chap, Marco, who regaled us with An Abridged History of Venice, whistled some jaunty tunes, and texted on his mobile phone during the duration of our canal cruise:

The boat ahead of us can't possibly be having as good of a time.

Then we headed home at the most beautiful time of day - twilight, aka 'The Gloaming.' Pink and orange and coral suffuses the air and it's just so . . . MAGICAL. 

We're staying in Cannaregio - which we chose because it's where the locals live and it's quiet/relatively tourist-free - but an unexpected side effect has been that the bacaros around here are hip AF, full of natural wine and genuinely good cichéti. Each night has consisted of a mini-crawl followed by pasta pasta pasta, and it's been lovely

Speaking of, we're about to head out! Big love and see you tomorrow,

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