Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Want to come play at my house?

OMGYOUGUYS. So much to do today. A's brother and wife are flying in this afternoon to stay with us for a couple of days. I should be doing my last-minute frantic clean right now (for the purposes of cooing, 'Oh, this old place? Sorry for the state of it, it's normally not this messy,' the sparkle of the countertops reflected in my blinding smile), which of course is all the inspiration to blog that I need. I don't even know when their flight lands - in typical fashion, I get vague 'middays' when I query A, which could mean anything from noon - EVERYBODY PANIC! WHERE'S THE HOOVER?! - to four this afternoon (ah, plenty of time for this old blog, then). I've got lemons in a bowl and fresh flowers in a vase, so I really don't know what more one could expect.

Wait! It's stopped raining! Hold on a sec.

Ahhh, there we go. House may be a mess but back garden's just been tidied. My favourite hobby right now is sweeping all the snails off the walls and dumping them into the garden waste bag before scattering salt over the top. I make it snow with happy little flicks of the wrist, humming away like a demented angel of death, watching with satisfaction as they shrivel and foam. I just don't know how it gets any better. I used to salt them where they perched but that just led to green slime everywhere that was hard to clean up. The new Mass Grave Method is making the job a joy. 

It's scorching out. London is trying to kill me with this rainforest climate. Working on the laptop at the garden table is terrific until you start dripping onto the keyboard. Also, I think the cherry tree is spraying sap or something because every so often droplets drift through the air and everything gets vaguely sticky. Is this a thing sap does or is the tree poisoning us like in some evil-horticulture thriller? Someone who knows how nature works tell me in case I need to be out here in a hazmat suit. 

I've got to leave in a few minutes - for an actual MEETING, with HUMANS! I really am not equipped for this job, with so much persons, so many opportunity for awkward - but before I go, look how sweet our little garden is! How many walls for snails to scale! 

Not pictured: Mass Grave

I hope your day is going well!

Big hugs and lots of love,