Friday, October 12, 2012

On boxes, a lucrative career, and photo good times.

It has been a LONG time since my last post. As in, seven MONTHS. This is the longest I have ever gone between blog posts, and significantly different from how I used to post when I first started a blog many moons ago in San Francisco and used to post three times a day at work. (But only during my lunch break, boss! Love you!) I think I want a lot of different things from this space and I'm not sure how to go about doing any of them (well). But maybe I shouldn't worry about any of that and instead just hit up photos and thoughts and miscellany and rock it old style. 

There are some old uni projects from last year I should put up here. Maybe I'll do a series. I can call it 'A Million and One Reasons I Was Not Meant to Be a Furniture Designer.' You've never seen a box until you've seen me design a variant of one in response to every single design brief I was given for two years. I constantly got feedback from my professors along the lines of, 'That's a bit...lateral-thinking, isn't it?,' but I like to think that what they really meant was, 'Wow, you're really creating a recognisable brand. You are so far ahead of your peers.' 

On the bright side, I've been given a job in the design industry despite that. Sure, I probably got it due to my ten billion years of admin experience, but I like to think my bosses saw a little something more in me, a little something that said, 'Now THERE is a girl who can design a box,' and they thought, 'We need that girl' and even now when I'm tracking invoices and filing bank statements, they're thinking, 'There is some real creativity there.'

Now for Random Photo Series.

A Sunday roast served in the back garden of one of my favourite people, who also happens to be an amazing cook, which may or may not play a part in why I love her so much. It's between that and her smokin' bod. I mean, personality.

Art by a wildly prolific street artist in East London. I should know his name,  but I'm not that cool and also I have dementia so please do tell me his name in the comments if you know it so that I never have to worry about remembering again.

I took this picture because I love hip people carrying hip chairs in hip neighborhoods, but I've just noticed the background and I feel like this could use explanation: 'Off License' here is the same thing as a dirty corner store that serves alcohol. You will often hear it referred to as the 'offie,' as in, 'I can't go the party empty-handed; I'm going to pop in the offie on my way there.' (Grampa, I obviously don't go to parties like that; this is only street-talk.)

 Bridge over the canal in Camden.

Boat party. 

Painting on the side of a canal houseboat,  like so many floating carnivals...on the canal.

Two shops on a road near my flat: a mad taxidermist and a haberdashery. Oh yes. Haberdashery. It's a real word here.

Alright, I've got to jet -- it's Friday night here and I'm now That Girl who's clearly not out and needs to pretend to be. 

Big hugs and lots of love,