Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Day 1: we trim

OMGYOUGUYS. I successfully managed to avoid MyBloWriMo in 2018 but here we are, just one day into 2019, and I'm starting this year off the way I intend to continue: by forcing you to pay attention to me.

This month's theme - an idea that came from my lovely friend Hannah - is Tryanuary, except instead of enjoying tasty new beverages, I'm going to do something new to me every day. Today: I have trimmed a hedge for the first time.

Review: terrible. What even IS gardening? Not something I'm mad about, I can tell you that now. I can't feel my fingers from all the cuts (there were hidden rose vines intertwined throughout so reaching in to grab branches was like a game of Russian roulette; you never knew if you'd get a thrilling fistful of thorns. I wasn't wearing gardening gloves because we only have one pair and Alan had the lion's share of the sawing so he got them. I was going in bare, like the tough I am). My arms feel like jello from taking down tree branches overhead for hours. Just LOOK at what we did:

Making progress.

Entire seasons passed.


My arms are so limp my hands are just flopping on the keyboard.

And now we've got to get rid of them somehow. You can guess our plan:

Tomorrow, we burn.


  1. My new favourite thing to do in 2019 is read your blog out loud at work.

  2. This plan for trying a new thing everyday is a swell idea. Looking forward to laughing at least 31 times this month.

  3. January just got better