Sunday, January 13, 2019

Day 13: we trampoline

Well wasn't THIS just the best time ever: A TRAMPOLINE PARK. Didn't know what to expect, but it certainly wasn't this level of fun. 

Sure, there were a million kids underfoot, but what did we expect going on a Sunday afternoon and not during one of their adults-only-DJ-and-cocktail nights? But it was WORTH it: I got to JUMP. On a series of trampolines. For SIXTY MINUTES. 

Now this is my kind of workout. 

It's Al's birthday today so it felt particularly fun celebrating like kids. He showed a real gift for the half pipe:

Then there was the 'ninja wall', a lattice of . . . elasticated duct tape? . . . to fall through. I mean, climb through. Very safe, definitely did this right:

The red squares you can see through it are the trampolines a few thousand feet down. 

Then we headed to the foam pit, where a small person challenged me to a duel. This kid had been hustling the beam all day but I was feeling pretty good about my chances. After all, I'm a giant. I'm Goliath. I inched out - the beam rocked! Is it meant to do that?? - while he stood there at his end, calm as could be. Then, when I was a mere quarter of the way across, he flew out and David'd me soundly:

He had me on my back in that foam pit before I could even shout 'you little sh*t!' and celebrated by throwing his jousting baton on top of me. Well played, sir. Well played. 

It was all around about the most fun ever and I will definitely be going back, though obviously on a grown-ups' night when people my own size can beat me soundly. 

Happy Sunday, all! Hope yours is equally fun. 

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