Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Day 16: we art

YOUGUYS remember last week, on magic day, when Di and I went to that amazing little taxidermy-and-plants cafe and found out they hosted art sessions every Wednesday? WELL WE WENT BACK WITH OUR FRIEND LOTTIE AND DID IT.  

The instructor picked out a stuffed fox for us and then we went renegade and added in a cactus (me) and a horse skull (Di) to create this charming little desert tableaux:

Art is so RELAXING.

I tackled the cactus and the fox, with what I like to think was great success:

The cactus is the one on the left

Di, already a painter in possession of great talent and not a small affection for dead things, went for the horse skull and created a legitimately cool work that the instructor cooed over all session. I'm convinced this was the only reason she let us go over our hour, as no artist in their right mind would've wanted Di to quit in the middle of making this: 

And Lottie, the bravest among us, went straight for that mad fox and created these gems:

I love the transition from Realistic Nocturnal Fox to straight up Crazy Like a Fox. Then, because Fox's myriad natures were well covered, she just whipped out Horse Skull like it wasn't a thing. Sure, Lottie, make it look easy, that's cool. 

The class also came with endless cups of builder's tea, perfectly prepared. If you get to Still Life cafe for no other purpose, come for this tea. It's a POUND, you have no excuse. 

Di took this pic of me last week but I'm pretending it was today because I can bend space and time in my own blog.


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