Saturday, December 9, 2017

Who needs a dining room?

I always think I can write a blog post easily in an hour. Like, in my head, it goes like this: I sit down at 8 am, whip out some nice words about the day before or the day ahead, whack in a cute picture, et voila! 9 am and I am ready to post and start my day's work.

But that's not how it works at ALL. I'm very stream-of-consciousness when I write. What I'm thinking about right now, at this exact moment, is what goes in. Which would work if I had a large stream, but I don't. It's more like a trickle. Enough water to make mud but not enough to drink from. So I write a sentence. Then I stop. I don't know where I'm going from here. I meander over to Facebook, see if anybody new liked yesterday's post in the thirty seconds since I last checked. Return to blog. Re-read the first sentence, spend three minutes fussing with it because now it looks weird. Fix it. Time to move on to next sentence. Blank. Click over to Imgur, laugh at most viral. Contemplate digging through my phone to see if I have any good OC to share, consider making a gif. Don't do it because if I were feeling creative, I'd be writing successfully in my blog. Back to the post.

And so on and so forth. By the time I should be wrapping it all up, I'm only a paragraph in.

It's helpful - obviously - when I have something to talk about. Like today, we're hosting Cookbook Club. We're doing Polpo because it seemed fitting to have Italian this time of year, something cosy and hearty and warm. We want to eat pasta, and arancini, and bruschetta and meatballs. We're going to have a dozen friends crammed into a living room that seats four and it's going to be a comedy of cushions and couch-arm perching and I certainly won't regret having my Christmas tree up already, usurping valuable floor space. Surely someone can go on TOP the tree.

I should hit the shower and then the kitchen soon; once I'm done with all that, it's time to gather every chair/stool/ottoman/strong-looking side-table that could be used as a seat into the living room. Welcome to our home, please take a lap. Yes, you're doubling up.


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