Thursday, December 7, 2017

A little virus for you, a little virus for me

Okay, I don't what joker of the ten billion we've hung out with lately has given me a sore throat, but they'd better show their face so I can hack violently at it. My throat is tickle-tastic. Can't wait to continue going out so I can spread this around. Nothing is holding me back this holiday season.

Clove Club was an absolutely knock-out last night. Look at all these beautiful bites:

Chicken feet: the pork crackling of the poultry world

 Fish and meat and meat and fish

I wish they sold these fernet gushers in a bag so you could pop 'em all day like skittles

Heading to work in a mo and looking forward to it - my new proofread is historical fiction and that's always a good time. I want to get a good amount done before heading out tonight. Some gf's and I are going to curl up on a couch and watch a Christmas movie and eat sausage casserole and be cosy together. And then afterward I'm going to see a friend's band play their first gig, like I'm some sort of crazy young person with bounds of life-force. It'll be worth it, though - just think of how many people I'll be able to spread my lurgy to.

See you all tomorrow, when I am sure I will feel 100% and not regret any of my choices.

Big hugs and lots of love,

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