Wednesday, December 20, 2017

There's a book rec in here, maybe that will interest you

I have this really fun game I play every morning where I try to do as many items from my day's to-do list as I can from memory without looking at it. Then, when the guest bed is stripped, the laundry is in and the dishwasher is running and I've wrapped a couple presents and updated our house guide on airbnb, I let myself open Evernote and CLICK CLICK CLICK on the boxes with satisfaction. NAILING IT. No dementia here, only productivity.

I saw a Kindle book credit in my email and it made me so happy I was instantly derailed and I just spent the last half hour comparing my goodreads wishlist to the kindle library and finally I settled on Her Body and Other Parties, which my friend Ceebs recommended, and now I can't wait to finish the other two books I've got going so I can start it. She said it was - wait, let me find her exact words - "like, modern women-centric short stories that have kinds of fairy tale dark magic throughout. And the most beautiful writing . . . definitely one of the best books I've ever read. Read it read it read it." If there's one thing I'm a sucker for, it's Ceebs' hyperbole, so it will be done.

Today, after I get done with the follow-on to-do items that the first items create (hanging the wash, putting away the dishes, unwrapping the presents) I'm going to splurge on a shower and then meet Al for a lunch date in the city. We're going to Blacklock because it's our last Christmas burger and while Byron's Fromagemas does look hilarious, we gotta end it right.

I'm off to finish this manuscript now, wish me luck! Hope your days are great.

Blog Post - CHECK.

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