Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Laundry tips always appreciated

Right now I'm watching for the postman like a hawk while I wait for my next manuscript to arrive, and I just *know* he'll come the second I step out for dinner. Or worse: TOMORROW.

He's definitely coming tomorrow.

Today has been wonderfully productive - an edit has gone out, work emails were caught up, and I bleached some blood stains out of the sheets of our last airbnb guests. I don't know what limb they injured, but I hope they saw a doctor because no way they were in one piece. You can always tell that visitors have soiled something when they do you the favour of stripping the bed and piling everything on the floor. When I get home from a week away and see someone's sheets or towels in a heap, I just groan. WHAT NOW FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHAT HAVE THEY DONE NOW. Inevitably, it's a towel covered in makeup, or a torn sheet, or a coffee-stained pillowcase. This is the first time we've got blood and I'm struggling to get it out.

We cannot be charging enough on Airbnb to keep this house in linens or pay for my gray hairs.

I have exactly half an hour before I have to haul myself up from this laptop and head out: tonight we're meeting friends for dinner at the Clove Club, which - according to an article I just read - okay, I'm lying, I only read the headline, there were SO many words and I'm not made of time - is Britain's highest-ranked entry in the World's 50 Best Restaurants. I'm excited; I've only been there once and it was years ago and the night passed in a blur. I'm going to get all dressed up and sit pertly in my seat and then - waving away the tasting menu haughtily - tell the server to give me their best Christmas sandwich.

Time to put my pearls on!


I didn't have a relevant photo to share today so here is a puppy I met last weekend trying to steal a mobile phone. 

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