Monday, November 14, 2016

I don't think the good guys are gonna win

OMGYOUGUYS. Ten minutes to dinner and it's blog post time. Wolf once again outdid himself with Sunday supper yesterday - he made a gorgeous za'atar rubbed lamb - and we happily had enough left over for dinner tonight. We NEVER have leftovers, mostly because we have no sense of appropriate human portion size. Any recipe that says it serves 4 we laugh heartily at as we scrape the pans clean, paws and faces covered in sauce and crumbs.

Today has been an excellently productive work day. Ten straight hours of straight bloodshed. The siege is really kicking off and I'm getting more and more anxious, notably given that a quick glance through History tells me how it ends.

Spoiler alert: Not the winner.

This picture was actually taken in Japan, where we got to see a parade that encompassed hundreds of years of Kyoto history. 'Kyoto Through the Ages'? Something like that. Anyway, a LOT of it was military and the generals were pretty fierce-looking. Also just pretty-pretty; their armour was clearly intended to distract the enemy with style.

Whoops! Time to go, dinner is ready. Until tomorrow, the uszh -

Big hugs and lots of love,

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