Wednesday, November 2, 2016


I gave up trying to wash six sets of bed linens using one drying rack and am now in the local laundromat watching Rihanna music videos while my sheets spin. I could go to the café next door but they call themselves a roastery and I have yet to see them use the shiny kit decorating a third of their space so EFF YOU HIPSTERS, I'll stick to my musical television and linoleum and the company of old black women with scarves tied 'round their hair. You can tell they don't put up with BS, either.

Wait. I think one of my loads is done. Hold on.

Oh yeahhhhh. Dryer 1 started. This is getting real, folks. FLYING.

And now what we're all here for: today's Cat of Japan. This noisy thing sat under a bridge like a total troll, yowling at everyone that walked past:

 We GET it, you're THERE.

The cat itself was far more interesting than the bridge. Which is saying a lot, because JAPANESE BRIDGES. 

We GET it, you're THERE.

I honestly think there isn't a single photograph that isn't improved by the presence of one of these. Take this shot from the Amalfi coast, for example. Perfectly nice, sure:

But add a Japanese bridge?

NOW you want to go there. 

Someone just came in trying to launder what appears to be an original Jackson Pollack. He claims it's like this because of his screen-printing business (#Hackney) but I think we all know better:

 Seriously, #Hackneytho.

Guess what?? I got another book to copy-edit! This one came with an entire four-page single-spaced historical note attached, so I feel pretty confident I'm going to learn something from this one. Historical fiction is the best: so much better than real history. 

I'm off to get cracking on it; see you tomorrow!

Big hugs and lots of love,


  1. I purchased a 'Dry:soon' heated airer from Lakeland a few weeks ago. It's changed my life. It's soooo good! I went for the deluxe model with cover, well why not!

    1. I'm going to look that up IMMEDIATELY! It sounds like a dream come true!