Friday, November 4, 2016

Birthdays and steaks and leaves and stuff

OMGYOUGUYS. Big weekend ahead. It is BIRTHDAY CENTRAL over here. We've got a birthday dinner tonight (thrillingly at HAWKSMOOR, which I hope has a Christmas Sandwich), and two more parties Saturday and Sunday. So this blog is gonna be chock-FULL of people you don't know celebrating things. What fun to look forward to!

Why is the Top 40 so CATCHY? Not that I'm listening to it. Uh.

Here's a cat. Shut up. 

This is exactly the kind of music you don't want in your head while you're trying to edit a book on the Byzantine empire. Sean Paul, NOT THE TIME! We don't boogie during sieges!

Except for this guy. He definitely does. 

Apparently while we were in Japan, our tree decided to drop all its leaves at once in our back garden. I should probably sweep it this weekend, but, you know. BIRTHDAYS. Who's got the time??

Besides, if I let them lie, there's a really good chance they'll get all moldy and decompose and create a nice big slick spot that we can surf across.  

Alright, time to turn off this playlist and buckle down into my manuscript. I hope you guys have a great Friday night lined up!

Big hugs and lots of love,

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