Tuesday, November 15, 2016

YOU go to Kyoto, then.

OMGYOUGUYS. I've done it: I'm only a few hours away from finishing my first run of the book. It has gotten far too exciting, though, so I had to flip to the end for spoilers in order to curb my anxiety before I lost the ability to see the trees through the forest.

Speaking of forest! See this below? That's a bamboo grove in Kyoto that Everyone Says is a Must-Do-OMG-Don't-Even-Think-of-Missing-It Japanese attraction. I can see why. It's a grove with bamboo in it. That's some pretty thrilling sh*t.

Not pictured: the millions of people taking the exact same photo. 

I jest. It was totally worth going to, if only because we took a river boat to get there, piloted by what I'm pretty sure were comedians, and when we arrived, we got to walk along the scenic waterfront and then wiggle through some scenic gardens and it was all lovely and quiet before we hit the 200 meters of forest and all heck broke loose. We promptly followed it with a Must-Do-OMG-Don't-Even-Think-of-Missing-It Japanese Pavilion, and hit Peak Tourist. 

Ah, the Golden Pavilion. You can tell I'm a masterful photographer based on my daring compositional choice.

Highly recommend, youguys. 

In other good news, I've got a flatbread on its way to my piehole and when I finish that, I may even *gasp* treat myself to a shower tonight. I know! I'm on a rollercoaster that just won't stop. 

Big hugs and lots of love,

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