Friday, November 11, 2016

On ready meals, piracy, and . . . uh

It's Friday. We've survived this most tragic of weeks and there's hopefully a recuperative weekend ahead. I fully plan to spend mine listening to Leonard Cohen and weeping, how about you?

But first: more birthday parties. The first one's in central London, which is always fun this time of year. Everything goes Full Sparkle and it's like walking through a fairy tale.

 Abrupt Cat.

Also there may be food there, which is a plus. Whenever I'm working on a book edit, weeknight dinners tend to go to the wayside. If Wolf isn't playing football in the evening, he comes home as tired as I am, and I will often work until dinner then bed. So what happens? Curry. Pizza. Whatever we can order from The Wonders of Deliveroo. But this time, I planned ahead and decided we should try a ready meal. It seemed a responsible choice - after all, it's far cheaper than ordering in - and it would give us the satisfying illusion of cooking. So I added a frozen lasagna to our online grocery order. On the website, it looked normal. Big, even. It said it served two. The reviews were good. So I pulled the trigger and added it to the basket. Then this arrived:

What is this?? A lasagna for ants?? 

It was a high comedy. We were Oliver Twisting every precious, miniscule bite. Thanks, Waitrose, I guess we'll start that diet after all.

Heading back into the fray now with this most excellent of books - there was a pirate attack yesterday! So fun! - so until tomorrow -

Big hugs and lots of love,