Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Food festivals are the BEST festivals

OMGYOUGUYS. Today was the last day with my manuscript and sending it off has to feel like your kid going to school for the first time: some sadness, some relief, a bit of wondering what you'll do during your day without it. I should've taken a photo of the pages wearing a '1st Day' sticker for posterity and included the milestone in my Christmas newsletter.*

Another first is happening today! I am having my first pressed lamb. Growing up in a cow- and pig-heavy state (country?), lamb wasn't something I had much of growing up. Or really ever until I moved to this fancy green isle. This particular treasure was a gift from a food festival on Sunday, when I had the good fortune to be backstage at a chef demonstration with One Of My Favourite People In The History Of People (let's use the acronym OOMFPITHOP to make it easier) and the show had leftovers. Pressed lamb, green beans and double goat's cream, to be specific, and they ALL made their way into my goodie bag. (I ALSO HAD A GOODIE BAG. GOODIE BAGS I THINK ARE MY FAVOURITE THING EVER.) This is going to be a far nicer meal than we usually get on a Wednesday night, and I am EXCITED. Like THIS excited:

Me on Sunday, high on free samples and tea with tonic and OOMFPITHOP

Alright, these beans aren't going to trim themselves so I'd better get cracking. Have a wonderful Wednesday night, and see you tomorrow!

Big hugs and lots of love,

*This does not exist but if I ever did, it would be a full-colour 'zine that would land roughly mid-February and none of us would survive it.

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