Monday, November 7, 2016

On Halloween in Japan, PPAP, and of course a cat

OMGYOUGUYS. Let's talk about Halloween in Tokyo for a minute. Mainly, about what a big deal it is. Everyone loves it, and they all dress up. And not just for a party in the evening like we do, but for the entire WEEKEND. Presumably because they can, which is an approach to life I can only applaud. Days before Halloween, people are out, doing normal stuff - taking the train, shopping, dining - except in FULL COSTUME. Without a smidge of self-consciousness. It's magical. Like stepping into Alternate Reality Tokyo.

One night - our last, sob - we were out after dinner and this man walked into the room. I regret that I only caught the last five seconds of his performance, but LOOK at this madness:

YES. He was doing Pen Pineapple Apple Pen. Which I had never heard of before this*. Our friends showed us the below in explanation, because there are not enough words in the English language that could possibly describe this adequately:

A song that hasn't left my head since.

Also, we bought a bag of these: it didn't even matter what they tasted like, because they're ZOMBIE SNACKS, and that's just not a thing you miss a chance to try:

Cheetos, youguys. That's what they tasted like. Fluorescent pink zombie cheetos. No wonder they're crying.

Between Halloween and the Cat Parade, we couldn't have gone to Tokyo at a better time. I had my face painted more in two weeks in Japan than I have my entire life. 

Speaking of the Cat Parade (check out that smooth transition): can you believe the perfection that is this costume? 

I don't even know what my favourite part is. The Mister Meowgi obi? The tail? The fortune cat necklace?

One last thing before I go: last night's butter chicken recipe for Linda! It was RIDICulously good. Wolf can totally keep his rackets, and even buy new ones if he wants. 

Off to Mega Work Monday! Wish me luck; I'm hoping to power through a massive chunk of this book today. It's really GOOD so far! 

Big hugs and lots of love,

*Shocking, I know. I'm usually so in touch


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    1. You absolutely have to! We did half the chicken called for in the recipe since it's only the two of us and it was perfect, so if you go the full amount, I may recommend doubling the sauce. It was so tasty, we couldn't get enough!