Friday, November 25, 2016


OMGYOUGUYS. Here's a thing I'm learning today: I can't blog from bed. I usually work in the kitchen but today I thought I'd shake things up and try the bedroom (the living room is too cold unless I light the fire) but this is not working. I'm so LAZY in here. I opened my 'new post' tab, leaned against my pillows, and then immediately started cruising the internet. WHAT IS HAPPENING AND LOOK AT THAT CAT WHY SO SQUISHY

I wouldn't say it hasn't been productive, though: I ordered McQ's first Christmas present! Very excited about it, want to hand it over as soon as it arrives tomorrow but MUST RESTRAIN SELF. Impossible.

I wonder what's happening on Twitter.

Okay, nothing.

Is it time for first lunch? It's past noon . . .

Speaking of food: YOUGUYS I thought I was going to die yesterday. It turns out two Thanksgiving meals IS too much, unless you spread them approximately eighteen hours apart. Four, as it so happens, was not enough; by 9 p.m., I was sure I heard death knocking - insistently - at the door of my over-worked digestive system. But I couldn't stop eating - I mean, have you BEEN to Capish?! - so I kept shovelling in every gorgeous morsel, one slow bite at a time. IT WAS GIRL V FOOD.

And I WON.

In other fun times, the Pinner Panto was far beyond what I expected. The entire neighborhood turned into a Christmas village for the night, complete with rides and fairground food, and all the little shops dressed up and provided some sort of entertainment. It was like ST. ALBANS-sweet: 

The only flaw was the CHILDREN. Don't they know that the shop featuring an Elsa look-a-like was for ME?

And you thought I was kidding.

And then there was the CHILDREN'S CHOIR, like we wanted to hear their precious voices raised in song: 

The storm trooper in the shop agrees.

We survived, though, and only puked from cuteness, like, six times. 

Today I get to travel to Peckham! This is south of the river, so in a way even more terrifying than yesterday's suburbs, which at least had the decency to be north. I'm nervous/excited about the adventure but I've got my waders on and I'm feeling migh-ty brave. 

Happy Friday!

Big hugs and lots of love,

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