Monday, November 21, 2016

Guest Bloggers are my FAVOURITE

OMGYOUGUYS. We have two new guest bloggers today, and they're a COUPLE at that. I'm not editing much (other than, say, the 'tea' below) so that the full lovely of each writer carries forward.

So without further ado: Katie and Chris.

* Katie's narrative *

So . . . we just had book club. We met at The Earl of Essex. * oh dear, drama taking place about tea sharing and glasses -  we just wanted to share with each other, not the boys* We book clubbed 'The Name of The Wind' by Patrick Rothfuss which we enjoyed the rich writing style of, had fun in the world but felt could be a bit quicker (or at least, that was me. Plus he could have just snogged the girl and she could have been way more believable). Roni gave me her old black coat which exactly matched my description of the black coat I couldn't find anywhere. That lady is a G-6. And now we come to our main story. Sharona has finished editing the historically intense manuscript like a heroine. Like a boss. Okay - sidebar - I did not mention this: she is looking SUPER pretty. Sailor-chic. Cutest hat, her glasses are on point as ever and that stripey top. Chanel meets 2010s London.


* Chris *

The flickering edges of barely-printed, unread pages blast in a whirlwind before the unflinching precision of the S.H.A.R.O.N.A., crisped but never burnt, clipped but never cut, shaved but never sliced, refined but never reduced, in the twirling maelstrom of The Deadline. Beyond the horizon, lies peace. Beyond the chaos, lies The Correction, always sought, achieved and never fully satiated. Nothing escapes the gaze. Nothing will escape. No unworthy word will survive. After the culling is done, the world is safe is once more.

For now.

* * * *

I honestly don't know that more needs to be said, and this is why I befriend writers.

Big hugs and lots of love,

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