Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Keepin' it real in London-town

OMGYOUGUYS. You know how if you don't pay attention to something for a while you're like, oh, that's not a thing that's happening any more, problem solved, and then you open your cupboards and there's another chewed up bag and you're like, no, wait, it's definitely still a thing, that didn't go away just because I've been pretending otherwise. That's like my daily journey right now. Denial is by far my best mental handicap, second only to the dementia.

Exciting* day ahead! Going to visit my local library (mostly because my book is due and I couldn't renew it because someone ELSE has reserved it, ugh, what a jerk) and then I'm off to hit accounts in the Deep Dark South of the River, where I NEVER go, because SOUTH OF THE RIVER, and it should be wonderfully freezing and wet so I am really looking forward to it*.

I'm going to pause the post here because I am pretty sure I will have some grim photos of The South to share when I return this evening, and photos of London just make every post shine so I don't want to deprive you of that.

YOUGUYS. I'm back. My time in Clapham was just FULL of all the wet and green and grey I could handle.

One in the afternoon, AGAIN. By three it's like midnight over here. 

General prettiness, because it exists, because Clapham does have really lovely bits.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, and if you have any requests for Things I Should Talk About, feel free to throw them down in the comments! After all, I've got like a WHOLE WEEK LEFT of this madness.

Big hugs and lots of love,


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