Thursday, November 5, 2015

Buckets and buckets and buckets of wet

OMGYOUGUYS. I'm in Scotland right now. Glasgow, specifically. West George Street, if we want to continue zooming in. And it is GORGEOUS.

Well, not the weather. But one doesn't come to Glasgow for the weather, now do they. They come for things like Celtic games, wherein rowdy Norwegians flock to town and cause such a disturbance with all their carousing and singing and general milling about that the police bring out the big guns. (If by 'big' we mean 'peaceful' and 'guns' we mean ' attentive horses.')

Then of course there's the Gallery of Modern Art, which I must confess I did NOT go into. But I like to think pausing to admire their neon counts as appreciation, so I can say with full confidence it's worth checking out.

And then there are the churches and the architecture. This one below Lyndsey helpfully supplied the name of as '...   ....   .... St. Mary's?'

Obviously St. Mary's.

Now I'm off to dinner at Meat because my 400g of steak last night was obviously not enough animal and a girl has got to keep warm throughout the winter somehow.

Next up: tomorrow's tour of the West End! Lyndsey is my guide again so I'm in pretty good hands.

Big hugs and lots of love,

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