Monday, November 16, 2015

Poetry Monday, Part One


For the next handful of Mondays, I am going to share a poem from a (be)loved one, and today I'm starting with Kyle of Okie in the City and Suck Vent NYC fame. Kyle is one of those lovely spirits full of gentleness and kindness, which is hilarious when you realise he's married to this girl who's recently been kissed by Bill Murray because she's an absolute powerhouse. They are gorgeous together.

I'm going to share Kyle's poem in its original hand-written form because it's too lovely not to. So without further ado: Maggie Reilly's.

Something I love as much as the work itself: the notebook, the lamplight, the page torn out.

Maggie Reilly’s
for Maggie and Toni

To forget all these trifling
worries causing me my pain,

I’m gonna play a little
guitar and walk to the train.

“You’re looking happy,” Maggie
says to me. My brother’s

recent wedding is keeping
my face clean. Although the sprites

hiding under this dark wood
feed upon my whiskey tears,

singing releases daemons
adept at smothering fear.

Trifling sprites rightly fear
bartendress Toni’s kind care.

Kyle has a new book coming out, which I am beyond thrilled about because of how awesome his first book was. I'm pretty much going to recreate this scene in its entirety, even if it means breaking into our old place and startling the tenants. Once I explain that I only stole in to take a selfie on the terrace, I'm sure they'll understand.

It's that good. He's that good.

Big hugs and lots of love,


  1. Love Poetry Monday. Even if I get it on Tuesday mornings and become very confused.

    1. Right! Poetry Monday just keeps on giving all week long.