Friday, July 7, 2017

Throwback Friday is a thing, right?

OMGYOUGUYS I have nothing new to blog about today. I am still doing laundry - that will never end - I have packed for Kir-koo-bree (jeans, windbreaker) - and now I'm working in the back garden hoping my laptop doesn't overheat like I'm about to. I gotta get a paddle pool out here if this continues.

In lieu of talking about things within my current eyeline - you may have noticed that informs a lot of my content - I'm going to share some pics from a lovely evening with friends from a couple weeks ago.

(Nothing but lemonade here, Grampa.) Also, LOOK AT THOSE FACES. The flush of youth, I tell you.

It was a sweet day all around: Al and I had a nice brunch, went to the Museum of Childhood, and took a pasta-making course. (What I learned in that class is that I will never, under any circumstances, be making my own pasta.) 

We ended the day at another museum, the Brunel, where we met Pip and Rich - a couple we love for their joie de vivre, their intellect, and most importantly, their good-looks - for some rollicking hijinx (no doubt why everyone goes to the museum on a Saturday night). We had tickets to attend The Midnight Apothecary - an evening of botany-inspired bebidas on the rooftop garden of the museum - and it came complete with a bonfire, marshmallows, and the occasional lashing rain. (Now that's the London I know.) 

The garden roof terrace, lushy lushpants. We also did a guided museum tour and learned about tunnels! What a day.

The night ended with a trip to the pub across the road, where you could follow some steps down the back - at low tide, cors - and find yourself on the bank of the Thames. More friends joined us there and it was romantic and gorgeous, and everything - the city, the sky, the water - felt so close, almost touchable. A sense of fullness, of one-ness was in the air; the soul soared. It felt like we were on top of the world.

In a very sea-level sort of way. 

Ah. What a night. 

Okay, I'm off again! Time to finish packing for Scotland. See you on the other side of the wall!


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