Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Our last day, and a beach

Today was our last day in Barcelona; we flew back to London tonight. (How did it go so FAST?) To celebrate/mourn, we headed to the beach. We decided to walk there due to #foreignbusintimidation and it was a pleasantly sweaty 25 minutes along the waterfront. Highly recommend (figuring out an alternate route).

But we did get to pass some beautiful buildings along the harbour, so that was worth it. Also we had the most terrific lunch on the way back at BlackLab - salmon poke and a philly cheesesteak, both of which hit the spot perfectly.

I love a city with a beach; it's the best of all possible worlds: food, culture, relaxation, mild nudity.

And now I'm back in London! Two days here and then it's off to the coast of Scotland for I'm sure more of the above.

Big hugs,

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