Tuesday, July 11, 2017


GUYS MEET PHRYNE MINERVA, THE FRIENDLIEST CAT IN ALL THE LAND. Hannah just got her last night, and within seconds of being released in her new home, she was relentlessly pushing hands and rubbing ankles for pats and scratches. She couldn't get enough and neither could we. She is the BEST.

'Throwing shade,' Katie said

I can’t have a cat. I would spend hours a day taking photos of it and never get anything done. Like the hour I just spent this morning taking (a million) of these. Now I'm trying to blog and she won’t have any of it:

Nope. Rubs.

God I love her.

We’ve got another big day out on the town today! We have breakfast plans, lunch plans, coffee plans, museum plans. Plans plans plans!

See you tomorrow in Sheffield!

Big hugs,

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