Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Bastides and brocantes and still no tire

YOUGUYS know what's happening right now? Garlic bread in the oven, except in addition to the garlic, we've inserted slabs of foie gras. WHY IS FOIE GRAS SO GOOD. The gout is going to overtake me at any turn.

You know what made our day super special? Tire Place #2 also pbbbbt'd our request for a new tire. Apparently taking money for tires is just not a thing tire places here are interested in. They sent us to yet another shop, one even farther away, where we arrived in a delirious humour, fully expecting another rejection of goods and services. But when we arrived, and waited through a massive queue - in hindsight, a sign they are the only ones doing any work - we met a mechanic who took one look at the chip in our tire, took out a tool and poked at the cords fraying out, laughed, and proclaimed: 'DEAD.' What a good time! They did, however, put in an order for the tire we needed with a request to return tomorrow, so WHAT A RELIEF WE ARE FINALLY ABLE TO BUY A THING WE WANT TO BUY.

Our day was not a COMPLETE waste of driving around mechanics' shops, though. We got to hit another brocante! There are not enough words for how much I love these markets. They are like a flea market's classier, more refined uncle. Sure, you won't find anything you can afford, but OH THE SELECTION. It's just step after step of swooooon. And when you DO find something, watch out. Today's haul included a beautiful set of stemware and an ancient ice bucket, a clear and unnecessary indication of our priorities.

Pictured here: outdoor furniture that is not in our future

Today's was in one of the Bastide* towns, Beaumont, which we inexplicably love even though it only has some overpriced antique shops and a basic bistrot to recommend it. I think there may be a football pitch, though, which would explain Al's affection.

I SMELL BREAD I GOTTA GO. Have a lovely night, and wish us luck with Tire Drama, Part IV, tomorrow! 

Big hugs,

*I think this means 'hilltop' or 'fortress' or 'medieval English' or 'brown' or something like that. Look it up if you care.

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