Thursday, January 3, 2019

Day 3: we cure

LOOKS LIKE WE SURVIVED, YOUGUYS. Successfully burned the chimney-cleaning log, didn't poison ourselves. I assume it worked, though I don't know how we could possibly confirm that short of sticking our arms up there, which I can tell you I won't be doing, especially since finding a dead bird in the stove when we opened it a week ago. (It has since been cremated, another first. What a great year this is turning out to be!)

Today's adventure: curing salmon! Well, technically it's been curing for three days, but now: we eat! I got a salmon curing kit for Christmas from my awesome SIL Marie and the first one we decided to try was the beetroot cure. Just LOOK at this gorgeous colour:

I don't know why I haven't done this before, it was super fun and easy and the results were spectacular. Just take your salt/sugar/spice combo - in this case, a lovely pre-mixed beetroot one by these fellas -

And then rub it all over yer salmon. Mmmmm, get fresh with it. Then wrap it in clingfilm:

and weigh it down in the fridge with a stack of books for a few days (a delightful, continual surprise every time you open the door if you have a memory like mine: what is this murder mystery doing in here next to the orange juice??) - and voila!

Why this fish so sexy?

I'm now well excited to try the other two cures that came in the kit, especially since I'll be able to source the fish from our local fishmonger in London, who has an impeccable selection AND speaks English, unlike the French woman who helped us in the market here, who - when we used our translation app to explain we'd be curing it - gave us a look like we were insane, which instantly made me question the fillet she gave us. Ah, well, what's the worst that can happen? (IS THIS WHEN WE POISON OURSELVES?)

We're heading back to London today! It's always hard leaving France - well, maybe not this time, I'm ready to relax in a home that has an astroturfed garden - but alas, life and work beckon. I've got a great book to copyedit and Al's got to get back to running Brexit. 

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!


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