Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Day 23: we gong-bathe

TONIGHT IS A FULL MOON YOUGUYS. So obviously this means: I must bathe in the gong.

What does that mean, exactly? I HAVE NO IDEA. But according to the website at She's Lost Control, I am going to 'Get [my]self comfy under the covers, relax and prepare for a meditative journey, connecting to yourself guided by the high vibrational frequencies of the Gongs. The air infused with essential oils and harnessing the energy of the Full Moon will help to guide you to clear blockages, releasing what is no longer serving you.' If this is anything like the crystal session I tried once, that means NAPPING. I really struggle to stay awake in warmly-lit spaces with pleasant aromas while lying with my eyes closed. Heck, who am I kidding - I struggle to stay away at the cinema. Dark rooms and I have an agreement. And regretfully, it does not include 'celebrating as the Moon moves into Leo'.

I hope the gongs can still do their magic while I'm unconscious.

I read on one website titled 'how to prepare for your gong bath' - spoiler alert: it doesn't tell you how to prepare for your gong bath - that it's so soothing/transformative because the human body is a zillion-percent water (look it up) and the vibrations from the gongs shake that up and make you feel nice and funny inside. I feel so hashtag/blessed already. That same website - for a spa in Arizona, natch - also said they got their gong set from monks who only forged under the light of the full moon and that even a passing cloud meant calling off their labour. So it took them roughly a decade to complete all seven bowls, and they are set to a 'lunar frequency' for that extra-moon-boost. Science, y'all. If this guru tonight doesn't have a similar set, I'm demanding a refund.

The worst part is, even if it does work - that is, even it is an effective hour of meditation that releases anxiety, soothes the spirit, calms the mind, etc. - I am following it by immediately getting on a train to the Gatwick Airport Travelodge, where I am sleeping tonight due to an early morning flight. Pretty sure by the time I get to the hotel at a cold, dark 10pm, the tension will be back up to my ears.

Those gongs have their work cut out for them.

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