Friday, January 25, 2019

Day 25: we island-hop

Twenty minutes before dinner youguys so let's DO this. Today we got a water-taxi pass and hopped all OVER the lagoon.

Check out our captain:

JK DOGS CAN'T DRIVE BOATS. Also, not the boat we actually took. A girl can dream, though.

Our first stop was Murano, the famous glass-blowing island. Every shop that lined the pavement was filled with glass figurines twinkling in the sunlight, full of exquisite - and kitsch - treasures.

Actual photo of the glass-blowing process, which looks . . . consensual. 

Then we headed to Burano, the lace-weaving island, famous for its . . . lace.

Also its colourful homes. And risotto. THE RISOTTO. GO HERE FOR THIS IF NOTHING ELSE.

We were thankful again today for the quietness of January. The first ten minutes after getting off the boat we were in a small crush of tourists, but once we all stopped taking the same photo off the same bridge, everyone disappeared into the nooks and crannies of the island (or the risotto restaurants). 

Me, running my album of ten-thousand-nearly-identical pics by Claire trying to decide which to post: 'What about this one?' 'UM YES, HIS SHIRT MATCHES THE BUILDING.' She's got an eye I appreciate.

The whole island honestly looks like a Disney film set. 

Even the tourists look like hired extras.


Our last stop before returning home was Cemetery Island, which was exactly as it sounds: a cemetery on an island.

We saw this is in Sicily, too, and I really like the style. There's something so bright about it.

We had to leave before the sun went down. Mostly because that's when it closed, but also because that's when the dead start to rise and wander. 

Why else would they close before dark? 

We're home now and recharging phones and bodies, because tonight . . . we trattoria!

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