Monday, January 14, 2019

Day 14: we cribbage

You know what's fun? Thinking you're good at math for twenty-five some-odd years and then finding out: YOU CAN'T EVEN PLAY CRIBBAGE.

I thought it was a great idea when a good friend of mine suggested it as a first. After all, it had so many things going for it:

1.  I could play it (relatively) concurrently with our Sci-Fi/Fantasy book club, which met tonight;
2. It involved cards! I love cards, ever since my mother encouraged my sister and I into Spades at age baby;
3. It involved multiples of fifteen!

In hindsight, number three is where I got confused. Fifteen is not five, and I approached this like dominoes. CRIBBAGE IS NOT DOMINOES, Y'ALL: 

Nope. Instead of multiples of five, you get points in cribbage for multiples of 15, or 31, or doubles or runs. In short: shenanigans

The only time I did relatively well was due to luck of the draw. I never counted more than two points myself, while my instructor - #BlessedKaitlyn - helped me with any multiples (cue her patient voice: 'No, that's SIX points, not two"). Needless to say: I was a natural in the first five minutes and a liability in the last.

So let me know if you want to play! Surely all competitors are as helpful as those I was taught by. 

Big love,

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