Saturday, January 12, 2019

Day 11: we theatre

ACKKKK IT'S SO CLOSE TO MIDNIGHT! This is the problem with trying to blog the same day; evening events are nearly impossible to get in on time.  

So many firsts today: our first Tennessee Williams in the West End - Summer and Smoke - tho I’m convinced we are the last Londoners I know to see it going by everyone I’ve talked to:

ALSO FIRST BOX SEAT: y'all I felt so fancy when we opened the door to our box and saw our nook for the night. It came with COAT HOOKS. That pleased me an irrational amount, like finding a dress with pockets. My coat's not going to be on my lap the whole show, or crammed into the back of my seat, or - shudder - on the floor at my feet. I can hang it up! On my own door! 

I also for some reason didn't expect a door; I thought it'd be a curtain or something.

We got ‘the ambassador experience’, which came with built-in bubbles and Belgian chocolate:

Also 'savoury nibbles', which was basically a ramekin with potato chips in it. I don't know what kind of ambassadors they think we are.

And while these were the most-obstructed-view seats of all time (explains why they were so strangely affordable), we felt like straight money. Can't go back from this, even if we *couldn't* see half the cast.

Also a first: our pre-theatre meal at J Sheekey, the classic seafood restaurant for in-law’s everywhere, where we had a lovely meal before the show - oysters! sashimi! soft shell crab! - and most importantly, eel as it was meant to be: 

Smoked, in a croquette.

LONDON, Y’ALL. What a delight. 

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