Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Mostly Monday because today was just work and who wants to hear about that

YOUGUYS. It has been the longest day and I worked an easy 12 hours and still didn't even finish the manuscript I thought was going to be bagged yesterday. The home stretch of any edit always takes so much more time than I think it does. But tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day we wrap.

Speaking of wraps - yes, this is the kind of blog this is going to be today - I had a Leon Christmas wrap and for a tortilla filled with mush (British turkey, ham hock, and pork, sage & onion stuffing balls, all wrapped up with spinach, tarragon mayo and a cranberry & clementine sauce), it was pretty okay. I wish I had gotten the turkey curry, though, so if anyone gets a chance, you gotta let me know how it is. 

For dinner last night, Nathania and I went to Dirty Bones and there we shared their Christmas burger - obviously bottom right pic in the grid above - a venison and pork mince patty with hazelnut brown butter mayo, smoked bacon, caramelised shallots and red cabbage marmalade. It was salty af and seriously tasty. Also super squishy and easy to eat, all qualities I like in a dirty burger. For all that I don't care for Dirty Bones of the Bad Service, I can't say I fault their food. (Just is it WORTH it, having to wave frantically at a server just to get the menu, let alone try to order food or drink or - God forbid - get the check?) 

All in all, yesterday was a resounding Eating Christmas success, though. Which is good, considering today I only had time to eat a bowl of leftover edamame I found in the fridge, which I scarfed standing up while studying maps of ancient Germania. 

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow! It should be much calmer (famous last words).


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