Monday, December 4, 2017

Eating aubergine in the dark, as a Monday does

I haven't had a moment to write all day and now I'm in that ravenous window, right between lunch and dinner, where all I want, more than anything, is to EAT - real food, not these clementines I keep cramming in my face - but I can't because dinner is in a couple hours and I have to WAIT. In a previous life, when I worked as a nanny, this was the hour I fed the kids and stole bites of their macaroni and cheese when their backs were turned. 

Super fun that my entire post today is food-related. This will be great and not at all torturous. 


Let's talk about last night's Yard Sale Pizza! On the left we have their cheesy garlic bread, which - even though not Christmas-themed - was so perfect it deserved some credit. Let's all take a moment and admire the way the cheese has already melted back into the cracks where it was sliced. (Does that make anybody else feel funny inside?) To the right, we have the star of the show: Yard Sale's Christmas pizza, the Damn Son. It came with shredded brussels sprouts, pancetta, Fio Di Latte mozzarella, black pepper, and DJ BBQ's double smoked garlic and sriracha mayo. It was, like all of Yard Sale's pizzas, excellent. So this review is going to be boring. It is excellent. If you live near a Yard Sale, put it in your mouth. That is all I have to say about it.

Today unfortunately did not contain a Christmas food of some sort, but there is a homemade soup for dinner, which functions as both a punishment for our gluttony and a necessary break for our waistlines. It's harissa-roasted aubergine with orange and its incredibly unappealing purple-brown colour makes the lovely flavour all the more shocking - but if you cover your eyes, hey hey hey!

I hope your Mondays have been nice; see you tomorrow!


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