Thursday, December 21, 2017

Do you like buildings?

OMGYOUGUYS. I am absolutely dead on my feet. I've just spent six hours cleaning this house top to bottom for our airbnb guests, followed by packing for a few days in Scotland and France, and only now, when I'm ready for sleep, am I able to sit down and spend this little time with you here.

I was going to share some Christmas burgers and sushi with you, but alas, it is too much and I am too tired so it will have to wait. Instead here is a photo of an alley I passed on my way to lunch yesterday. It's one of my favourites because you're walking down this crowded street, with scaffolding and traffic everywhere, and you happen to glance to the left and WHOA! OASIS! A whoasis, if you will, a quiet little retreat right off the main road, and this time of year it comes complete with Christmas tree:

One of the reasons I love this courtyard so much is because of the Gherkin leaning over it, like, 'Hey lil buddy, whatya doin'? Can I see?'

I must go to bed now - I have an early start - we're talking 5am - so I can do the last-minute tidying up and then run for the train station. First stop tomorrow: Selby, England.

Hugs and love,

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