Sunday, December 24, 2017

Edinburgh, burgers, Edinburgh

OMGYOUGUYS. We're in Edinburgh and it's too beautiful for words (as always) and we spent the afternoon catching friends and family, and the evening in our hotel spa floating and steaming and aromatherapying and now I smell so nice and feel so relaxed and content.

Cute, I guess. 

The view of Edinburgh Castle from our room

And now for the last of our Christmas burgers. I've lost track of how many we've had now, but it's got to be in the millions, right?

1. Blacklock: grilled Norfolk turkey, sausage and onion patty, smoked bacon, greens and cranberry ketchup. We actually thought this was our favourite Christmas burger of the bunch, until we got to Number Four.

2. Byron: The Fromagemas - Barber's cheddar and red Leicester, Byron cheese, grana padano crips, red onion, shredded iceberg, smoked tomato ketchup, grana padano aioli with a jug of Byron cheese sauce. Our thoughts were the same as last year's: sure, alright, that's good enough to put in my mouth, but how is this Christmassy

3. Almost Famous, Leeds: Son of a Nutracker - "juicy famous cheeseburger, BBQ spiced sausage stuffing patty, buttermilk fried turkey, festive creamy slaw" - you can't just add 'festive' to make creamy slaw seasonal, guys - "bacon and cranberry jam, JD Cola BBQ sauce, brandy buttered peppercorn mayo, topped with ultimate sausage roll and pig in a blanket, with pot of AFC gravy." This was by far the most absurd of all the burgers I tried and I think it actually could've worked except THAT BBQ SAUCE. No, guys. No BBQ sauce at Christmas. Also, just not this BBQ sauce full-stop. Why would you ruin a perfectly decent insanity burger by dousing it in the stuff?? Also the pig in a blanket weirded me out - it was squidgy? - though the sausage roll was an unexpectedly spicy delight. 

And now we get to the last one - a total fluke - that may've shockingly slid to the top three (don't ask me what the other two are, it changes daily) of our burger list: 

4. Meat:Stack at Salt Horse, Edinburgh: 'Come Giive Me a Hygge Cheeseburger' - Two grill smashed patties, cheese, lingonberry jam, vanilla black pudding, dill pickle fritters, streaky bacon & fixings. THAT BLACK PUDDING. THOSE PICKLE FRITTERS. Not Christmas as I know it, but Christmas as I WANT to know it. It was gorgeous. 

You can see why we needed to lie in a sauna sweating for half an hour tonight, in an attempt to regain some purity.

Going to jump into this giant white bed now and fall asleep watching the Castle glow Christmas colours in the darkness. Lots of love to you all, and I hope you've had a delightful Christmas Eve.

Big seasonal hugs,

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