Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Weddings and birthdays and London, oh my!

OMGYOUGUYS. The mystery of yesterday's care package has been solved! Remember that wedding we went to on Saturday? With these gorgeous stunners?

IT WAS THEM THAT LEFT THE PACKAGE! Can you believe it?? They are spending their newlywed time delivering flowers and wine and wedding cake to the likes of us! Honestly. Makes me feel bad about getting them towels as a wedding gift.*

Here are some more photos of their day while we're here!

Stoke Newington Town Hall. It's also where Rob and Sharon got married on Catastrophe (I saw wedding episode the day after the above wedding, leading to much squealing and pointing to Alan, who was like, 'uh, right') so it's safe to say we are *pre-tty* posh.

 Isn't it all just too much? JUST TOO MUCH.

Guess where I'm off to now? HAWKSMOOR, WILDCATS. It's my friend Claire's birthday** and she's really good at shenanigans and when we go out and play there's something about her that makes you want to swirl amber liquids in glasses and cross your legs and let your heel dangle off your foot even if you aren't wearing heels and you throw back your head to laugh and a gorgeous throaty chuckle comes out even if usually you sound like a hyena, and what a LADY you are, swirl swirl! That's going out with Claire. So when she invites you to the Hawksmoor to eat steaks for her birthday, OH GIRL YOU MAKE THAT HAPPEN.

Next time I post will be from Scotland, so stay tuned for more adventures!

Big hugs and lots of love,

*Just kidding, you guys! We got you something way different! *Hides bag, rapidly gets lost in china section of John Lewis*
**It's also my sister's birthday! Alissa, my first slab of meat is for you. 

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