Sunday, November 1, 2015

Already winning it

OMGYOUGUYS. It's the first day of MyBloWriMo and not only have I not made dinner yet (at 9:30, don't judge me, at least I'm not ordering a curry) but I haven't even done a BIT of writing. This month of blogging is obviously off to an awesome start.

Some cool things have happened this weekend, which we will go with as blog-fodder-o-the-day. One, Wolf's BFF got married yesterday and it was so lovely and - this even more important given my stage of life - local - and SO MUCH north + east London milleniality. Pics of that clearly coming soon, because bicycles and plywood and studios and things. Also, today was our first neighborhood Meet and Greet (not officially titled that, but basically) with all the neighbors both established and new and seriously - though this could be the Malbec talking (they had like twelve bottles! Is that their favourite varietal? Should we remember that for Christmas?) -  we have not met SO MANY NICE couples in SUCH A SMALL SETTING since...maybe ever...?? One couple has recently moved from Essex and like us, they have a place in France and also they love reality TV, so right away we found common ground with Lack of French Proficiency and Vanderpump Rules, and the second couple was a gorgeously diverse Arabic/Japanese architect combo and we went down the rabbit hole of interior design, cards against humanity, gochisosama deshita and craft beer, and next thing you know SO MANY BEST FRIENDS WE WANT TO SEE TOMORROW. I am now planning twenty mini-parties and NOBODY CAN STOP ME.

Sidebar: Wolf is on an MBA call with his team right now and every time I yawn - they're talking about RATIOS and FINANCE sets - he glares at me and pointedly jabs the 'mute' button. Like I'm not working here!

That said - really, I SHOULD get on making dinner, that bloody aubergine won't last forEVer - here is a picture of how beautiful yesterday was. London in autumn, what a *sigh.* I mean, that church in the background! Those leaves! Cut it out, Stoke Newington. Too much.

Big love and lots of love and see you tomorrow,


  1. First post down! Plus a picture. You are winning.

  2. Fantastic start to a month, a WHOLE month of blogs! I am super excited!
    Fantastic pic, of course!