Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Groceries and work and stuff?

OMGYOUGUYS. I have so much content today it's going to put yesterday to shame.

Wait, no, opposite of that. Unless you want to hear about my laundry and emails? Let me know.

You know what I love? Deliveries. Like, any delivery. Amazon, firewood, groceries, doesn't matter. PACKAGE FOR ME? I exclaim when I open the door to whoever is standing there. SWOON! Today it was groceries, which may be my favourite. They aren't tinged with the guilt of consumerism or the weight of my carbon footprint, and they're all consumable. Isn't that LOVELY?

So many delicious, delicious consumables. 

You know what else is fun*? Ocado's doing this thing now where you can buy really cheap organic produce for juicing or stewing because it's ugly. Like the stuff they can't sell normally - misshapen carrots, spotty apples, dented cucumbers, mutant squash - because people would complain. Even though it's perfectly good. You see that brown bag in the picture above? THAT IS FULL OF PERFECTLY USABLE ORGANIC VEG, that is gonna get cooked or whizzed or blended and then put in my belly.

I should be doing my expense report today but it is the absolute. worst. part of my job - and I have to talk to HUMANS, in real LIFE, if that tells you anything - so I'm vigorously putting it off. Until tomorrow. I'll totally do it tomorrow. After I blog. And maybe iron. See what Buzzfeed's doing.

Okay, time to make myself presentable. I've got a couple of meetings today - HUMANS - before I can come back home and climb into my hoodie and light the fire and cosy this joint up. OOH! I need more firewood delivered!

Big hugs and lots of love,

*I'm really flying fast and loose with this word


  1. Oh tell me more about this Ocado thing because I just did a big order from them and didnt see this? I did however get a really huge free organic bundle tho and I think its love? I love them. I am talking £20 worth of free foods. Its love, and its real.

    1. Free organic bundle?! INCREDIBLE. Food is love. Free stuff is love. Free food is mega-love. For the dented stuff, type in 'wholegood' - it's part of that range! Too good.

  2. Booked my festive Ocado delivery yesterday. Weeeeee.

  3. Good luck with that Humans thing! :) You can do it!! Also, how great is it that you can get the ugly veggies (which taste just fine!). Wish we could get those in the States!