Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wait. I have a blog?

Holy cow, my friends. This blog is becoming a bit of a sporadic joke, isn't it? Posting once a week is totally not my blog vision. Either I've got to chin up and do a sentence a day, or just call the whole thing off.

There's a lot of random stuff happening round here in Rona Land. For example: I've had the same head cold for approximately six years now. I can't remember Life Before Kleenex. I can't remember when I ever stayed up past ten o'clock. I can't remember tasting food that's not coated in rooster sauce. Life is now a strange and fuzzy thing.

I took some photos of Heather last weekend, just for some fun portrait play. Don't tell her I put them up here since she hasn't seen any of them yet. Plus she'd kill me for pimping her out. Again.

Isn't she gorgeous? I pick beautiful models because they make me look good.

I'm going to get ready for bed now. It's almost nine thirty, and my narcolepsy/pizza coma is about to kick in. More pictures coming tomorrow of last weekend's Monster Truck Jam! And I've also got an update on the super awesome awesomeness of Leslie's latest show



  1. I was beginning to wonder if you had forgotten your bated breath followers! I for one have nothing better to do all day but click on "todayiwrotenothing" over and over again, just to see if perchance something has been written! Feel better!

  2. I've had the same cold since Thursday which isn't that long but I HATE COLDS! We've all got it and we're not an attractive bunch right now with our coughing, sneezing, nose-blowing selves. Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Oh, yes, I forgot to mention how much I love Heather's hairstyle! Take some pictures of the back too and maybe I can convince myself to take the bang plunge. (more like convince Jeff to let me take the short hair plunge!) :)

  4. You're being too hard on yourself! Once a week is perfect...if it wasn't, would I only bathe once a week?

  5. I, personally, like your aplumb. Yeah, I'm going to have a blog. No, I'm not really going to post anything on it. See the title, bitches.

  6. She is gorgeous, and I am so envious of her hair.
    *snort* Rooster sauce! It makes everything taste better. I hope you brought some of that to the UK.

  7. Leslie, you're right. If we're willing to venture into the world dirty, we may as well enter it lazy, as well.

    Lizzie, you TOTALLY nailed my new blog philosophy. I'm using your words from now on whenever somebody asks me what my blog is about.

    Gina, I SO am bringing it back to the UK!! I tried to find it there, but the only bottle I found--after weeks of searching every asian market high and low--tasted WEIRDLY DIFFERENT. I think I'm going to create a rooster sauce import-export business and make millions.