Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patrick's what?

So I forgot to wear green today, and not one person pinched me. I even tried bending over the dishwasher, but no luck.

I don't know how it is anywhere else, but in San Francisco, St. Patrick's Day is huge. I think it's right behind Christmas on the Most Beloved Holidays list. Everybody decks out--green clothing, clover pins that light and buzz, leprechauns everywhere. Menus showcase corned beef and cabbage and taps pour green beer. There's a buzz in the air and a lot of 'where are you going tonight?' A few people have asked how they celebrated SPD in London, but I don't remember even noting its passing, which leads me to believe they don't. Maybe because the English don't need an excuse to drink? 

In other news related to crossing the pond, Lealea just sent me this awesome blog. This guy is like man-me, except more thoughtful and kind. When I move back to London, I can tell we won't be friends. But in the meantime, I'm totally going to blog-stalk him.

Now if you'll excuse me, my awesome roommate's corned beef and cabbage is done cooking and we've got some (non-alcoholic, Grampa) Boddington's to bust out. Between this and the newest disc of Veronica Mars that just arrived, it's going to be a good night.



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  1. Hey, how this this one pass by me! Two days and I didn't see it. :(
    SPD totally blew by me this year, since I rarely leave my apt I don't get all that commercial stuff thrown in my face to remind me about things. Oh well, no loss on this holiday, I gag on beer, cornbeef and cabbage. Love the leprechuans though and the Irish good luck sayings. Oh and the four leaf clovers!
    Hope you enjoyed your meal!